Les Corbett

Professional Information

Leslie R Corbett
Director / Owner – Corsway Refrigeration Services Ltd
Les Corbett has worked in the RAC Industry since 1976. He is a time served engineer and has had a
variety of roles in service, maintenance, installation, commissioning and design and development for

Refrigeration Cabinet and Plant manufacturers, both in the UK and South Africa.

In 1999, he designed and project managed the building of a state of the art refrigeration Cabinet

Test Facilities to the latest specification and in full compliance with EN441 (Now EN 23953). He went
on to design and develop a full range of Low Temperature and High Temperature cabinets for
customers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer’s and Budgens to name a few.
He has had experience in the designing and development of products in China specifically for the UK

market place where the products were installed into some large Retailers.

He then had the opportunity to design and project manage another state of the art test facility with

4 Test Rooms to EN23953 for another large company in the UK and specify and procure a new high
pressure Foam Injection plant, along with a dual rail jig system for refrigerated cabinets up to 4m
long. He then went on to design and develop a full range of Low temperature and high temperature
cabinets designed for the Retail industry. The Remote cabinets were designed for Refrigerants R744
(CO2), R407F and R449A and Hydro Carbon (R1270 and R290) Integral Cabinets.

Professional Affiliations & Qualifications

  • Member of The Institute of Refrigeration – MInstR
  • BRA CO2 (R744) Short Course
  • City and Guilds 2079 Refrigerant Handling Catgegory 1
  • Safe Handling and Application of Hydro Carbon Refrigerants
  • CMI Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management
  • Commercial Refrigeration Trade Certificate (South Africa)
  • National Certificate (N3) Refrigeration (South Africa)
  • National Certificate (N2) Refrigeration (South Africa)
  • National Certificate (N1) Refrigeration (South Africa)
  • Company contact for BRA Cabinet and Cold Store Section
Specialist Areas of Expertise
Les has extensive experience in Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with in depth
expertise of the following:
  • Commissioning of large commercial installations
  • Commercial refrigeration – troubleshooting (Integral cabinets to central plant systems)
  • Service management
  • Project management
  • Design of new product, display cabinets and Plant
  • Development of new cabinets to EN23953
  • Validation of display cabinets to customer’s own spec and EN23953
  • Product / manufacturing development support
  • Safe & efficient application of Hydrocarbons in new and existing systems
  • Refrigerant application – suitability and selection
Les Corbett

Les Corbett

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